1. MomToBe: The Pregnancy Assistant 3.0

MomToBe: The Pregnancy Assistant 3.0 by Marco Software
Windows | 8.27MB | Demo | January 9, 2003
MomToBe Computerized Pregnancy Assistant. Prepare for Pregnancy. Calc the Due Date for the baby. Basal Body Temperature Chart. Week-By-Week Info. Maintain appointments, check out future Dates. Chinese Sex Calendar. Pregnancy humour. A keepsake.
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2. Ovulation Calculator 1.2

Ovulation Calculator 1.2 by Rayslab, LLC
Windows | 691KB | Shareware | February 6, 2006
Dreaming of having a baby? This simple ovulation calculator not only will tell you which days are most likely result in pregnancy but also will help you plan the gender of your future child. Time proven prognosis and absolutely FREE trial.
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3. Ovulation Calendar Calculator 2014.1

Ovulation Calendar Calculator 2014.1 by SeaApple Software
Windows | 9.97MB | Shareware | March 25, 2014
Ovulation Calendar Calculator calculates your personal ovulation calendar to help you achieve pregnancy or to avoid it. The program includes a diet and exercise trackers, calorie counter with a huge USDA food database.
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4. Pregnancy Miracle 1.0

Pregnancy Miracle 1.0 by Pregnancy Miracle
Not Applicable | 1.55MB | Freeware | November 5, 2009
pregnancy miracle toolbar for internet explorer 6.0 and above Free!
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5. OCM Ovulation Calculator 1.0

OCM Ovulation Calculator 1.0 by Ovulation Calculator
Windows | 1.31MB | Freeware | March 16, 2011
Free ovuation calculator and calendar. Simply enter a few details and OCM Ovulation Calculator will generate a calendar indicating the days on which you are likely to be the most fertile. Free!
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6. Ways To Get Pregnant

Ways To Get Pregnant by Ways To Get Pregnant
Windows | 152KB | Freeware | April 22, 2011
Getting Pregnant Tips On How To Get Pregnant, Positions To Get Pregnant And Ways To Get Pregnant Fast. " Pregnancy Miracle TM is a 279-page, instantly downloadable e-book presenting a 5-step, sure-fire, 100% guaranteed. Free!
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7. PIPJungle 1.0

PIPJungle 1.0 by Piles in Pregnancy
Windows | 351KB | Freeware | June 25, 2011
A fun and challenging Jungle Puzzle. Complete the puzzle! Free!
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8. MyChildren_Net 4.0.0

MyChildren_Net 4.0.0 by LevSoft
Windows | 121.25MB | Shareware | March 20, 2012
This is a program for storing nearly all events in a childs life, from -1 to 16 years of age. Save all your notes from the pregnancy, the birth, the baptism, the infant age and the child age together with pictures and/or video's.
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9. Babies Screensaver 1.0

Babies Screensaver 1.0 by HCG Levels in Pregnancy
Windows | 2.61MB | Freeware | August 26, 2011
Here is a babies screensaver that is adorable to remind you to visit the doctor and get your HCG levels checked to make sure you have a healthy baby Free!
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10. Pregnancy Miracle Review 1.0

Pregnancy Miracle Review 1.0 by Pregnancy Miracle Review
Windows | 507KB | Freeware | January 5, 2013
Pregnancy Miracle is a complete step-by-step well laid out 279 page e-book which will provide you 5-step clinically researched plan for getting pregnant quickly and naturally. Free!
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